ACA Sportsmanship Award Winner (Week 4)

L to R: Madison's Hunter Engle & Maranatha's Nate Burdette (photo courtesy Maranatha Academy)
Oct 1, 2019

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ACA Sportsmanship Award (Week 3):

Hunter Engle of Madison & Nate Burdette of Maranatha Christian Academy

Kpreps is excited to announce a new award for the 2019 season – the weekly Sportsmanship Award.  We have teamed up with 'A Class Athlete' (ACA) to recognize those individuals or groups that demonstrate sportsmanship and high character during the heat of action.  This award is open to students or student-athletes who goes above and beyond to demonstrate an act of kindness or sportsmanship.

We are pleased to announce that this week’s winners are Madison’s Hunter Engle and Maranatha Christian Academy’s Nate Burdette.

After an incredible back-and-forth battle between two of eight-man football’s top teams, Hunter and Nate met at midfield and shared a moment of prayer and mutual admiration. A photo capturing their embrace and moment of prayer has been well-circulated across various social media platforms since Friday’s game.

On the field both continue to be instrumental in their team’s success. Engle scored seven touchdowns in the game in the Bulldogs’ 68-58 win. Meanwhile, Burdette was also exceptional in passing for 434 yards and seven touchdowns.

Each week during the season, we will choose an individual or group as recipient of this award.  Winners will receive the Sportsmanship Excellence Award Certificate, and the unique ACA helmet sticker as part of our Kpreps Helmet Stickers feature. At the end of the season, we will choose one overall winner, for the annual Kpreps-ACA Sportsmanship Award. 

Please help us by emailing your nomination stories, pictures, or videos to and You can also send to Kpreps via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Please include the name of the person(s) involved and a description of the act or event that you are nominating. Nominations for the award will be accepted through Tuesday of each week, with the winners announced thereafter. We will list the weekly winners here, at, and also on  The overall winner will be announced after the State Championship games.

ABOUT A Class Athlete:

A Class Athlete was started in 2016 to encourage young athletes in all sports, to play hard, play to win, but also to play with class and dignity.  Originally targeting youth sports, ACA quickly expanded to include middle school and high school sports, and beyond (coaches, cheerleaders, fans – everyone!).  In recent years, participation in youth sports has continued to decline, and the #1 reason according to the kids:  'It's not fun anymore.'  ACA is determined to bring the fun and the kids back!

Participating in sports is very beneficial in many areas.  It helps build confidence and self-esteem, teaches respect, teamwork, and leadership skills, and improves communication and cooperation – all qualities needed to be successful in life.  It is said that participation in sports reveals a persons’ character.  But ACA believes, when sportsmanship is emphasized, it is a very important aspect in building a young person's character and integrity.

For more information, please visit

A Class Athlete Sportsmanship Award (2019 Season)

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Week 2 – Plainville High School & Student Council

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Week 4 – Hunter Engle of Madison and Nate Burdette of Maranatha Christian Academy


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